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    Odeon Cover  
Richie Milton & Bill Farrow: Skiffleodeon EP
Various Artists: This Is... Right Track Records!
    New Tracks  
Richie Milton & Bill Farrow: New Tracks(Down an Old Road)
  Cant Cover  
Richie Milton: Can
    Barefoot & Blue  
Richie Milton & Bill Farrow: Barefoot & Blue
  Linda Hall - Wonderful  
Linda Hall: Wonderful
    Completely Blues  
Richie Milton: Completely Blues
  July In The Sunshine  
Richie Milton and the Lowdown: July in the Sunshine - Single
Richie Milton & The Lowdown: Lowdowning
  Lo Lites  
The Lo-Lites: The Lo-Lites
    Let Me Tel You More       et Me Tel You More  
Richie Milton & The Lowdown: Bluesique
    Straight Ahead No Stopin       Coming Back for More